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October 10, 2018

IPTV Ireland: Everything About IPTV SHOP Services in Ireland

Interested in IPTV, Ireland? Here’s everything you need to know about IPTV SHOP services in Ireland!

The average Irish adult watches 3 hours and 28 minutes of tv every day.

Although it’s not the country that watches the most tv, that’s still a significant amount of time spent in front of the tube. And with cable, satellite, and the internet to choose from, there’s no shortage of places to get your tv entertainment.

But have you heard of IPTV SHOP in Ireland?

This relatively new alternative to cable and satellite works through the internet. It offers many benefits over traditional connections. Keep reading to find out exactly what those are and why you should consider this tv alternative.

What Is IPTV?

IPTV takes online streaming one step further. It stands for Internet Protocol Television. Using a broadband internet connection instead of a satellite, it brings television programming from around the world into your home.

Why Choose IPTV SHOP in Ireland Over Satellite?

Satellite tv requires the installation of a satellite dish. That dish has to be installed somewhere on your property in order to work.

But not everybody is able to install a satellite dish on their property. This includes people whose homes can’t reach the satellite receiver. It’s also not compatible with people who live in apartment buildings.

If you live in an apartment or in an area that doesn’t get satellite service, IPTV is a unique solution to your tv problems. If you can get high-speed internet, you can get IPTV. That’s because all IPTV requires is a connection of 4.0 Mbps or higher and a smart tv.

To find out if you qualify, test your internet connection. For an accurate read, you should test it throughout the day and find out what your average connection speed is.

In addition to being a great solution for people in apartments and high rises or those who can’t install a satellite dish on their property, IPTV is also higher quality than satellites. As a bonus, it’s also less expensive than those traditional services.

What Can You Watch with IPTV SHOP in Ireland?

A better question would be, what can’t you watch with IPTV SHOP? The possibilities are endless.

IPTV SHOP offers direct access to over 6000 standard and HD tv channels. These channels span the globe and bring tv programming from 100’s of countries int your home. You also have access to over 4000 videos on demand channels.

Whether you’re looking for sports, popular TV shows, movies, or international news, you’ll find it on IPTV SHOP. With new additions being made on a regular basis, there’s nothing you won’t find on IPTV.

Your IPTV subscription also allows you to watch your IPTV on any of your devices. You can watch IPTV on different devices, but only 1 at a time.

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The Benefits of IPTV SHOP

Just like the number of channels and movies, the benefits of IPTV SHOP are many.

Once you sign up, your account is activated promptly. Within 6 hours of signing up, your account will be ready to go. Your subscription will activate as soon as you receive your activation emails.

There are no fees for setting up IPTV. It’s also priced competitively in comparison to other similar services. Plus their subscription models offer a variety of different options depending on your needs and budget.

Your payments can be made online through a 100% secure payment page encrypted with SSL. IPTV SHOP in Ireland accepts all credit and debit cards. They also convert your currency automatically and you won’t have any hidden fees.

Your IPTV isn’t limited to your television either. Because it’s streamed through the internet, you can access IPTV SHOP in Ireland through:

  • Samsung Smart TV’s
  • LG Smart TV’s
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple TV 4 & 5
  • Android phones
  • Tablets
  • Android boxes
  • MAG
  • AVOV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • VU+
  • Dreambox
  • Openbox
  • Dreamlink
  • STB Emulator
  • Enigma 2

Using any of these devices, you can access the high-quality digital media streaming that’s been perfected by IPTV SHOP network engineers. And you can so from anywhere in the world.

When you have problems with your IPTV, the support team offers knowledgeable and helpful technical support. Via e-mail, they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And if you’re a traveler, you can take your IPTV receiver with you. Install it at your destination, and you can watch worldwide tv programming anywhere you go as long as there’s an internet connection.

IPTV SHOP Guarantee

IPTV SHOP wants you to like their service. That’s why they offer a no-risk guarantee.

Within 7 days of the start of your subscription, you can get your money back. No matter what the reason, IPTV will give a full refund on your subscription. And if you’re unsatisfied for a specific reason, they’ll try to fix it for you.

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Like any technology, you might run into some problems with your IPTV service. Below, we cover some of the most common issues. If you’re having an issue beyond this, you can contact the 24/7 support team or check the tutorials for additional information.

Unable to Access Account

The first thing you should do when you can’t access your account is check your internet. Restart your internet router as well as your IPTV device. Then try to connect again.

If you’re still experiencing a problem, make sure your account isn’t being used on another device. And if the problem persists, call the technical team for help. There’s no problem they can’t solve.

Channels Not Working

Sometimes, channels go down. IPTV SHOP headquarters try to fix this as soon as possible and restore service. But before you report a channel, try rebooting and swapping channels.

If it’s happening on all channels, it could be a problem with your internet. Reboot your router and IPTV device. After 30 seconds, turn everything back on.

You should also check that you’re connected via a LAN or Ethernet cable. The service can’t work through wifi.

If the channel doesn’t come back, you can report to IPTV SHOP. Once they’re aware of the problem, they’ll do everything they can to bring it back up and running.

Other Channel Issues

You might have a channel pause while you’re watching. When this happens, you can select and open another channel. Then return to the channel after a few minutes and see if it’s working.

You might also notice buffering in some channels. This generally happens due to slow internet service or a lot of traffic coming through at once.

Ready to Access Worldwide Programming?

IPTV SHOP in Ireland can bring 1000’s of tv programs, movies, and video on demand options into your home. The service is quick and easy to install. It’s also an incredibly affordable and high-quality alternative to cable and satellite.

If you’re ready to access all the benefits that IPTV Ireland offers, check out our subscriptions and find one that’s right for you.

October 5, 2018

A Complete Guide on How to Use SMART IPTV (SIPTV) App

“Help! I can’t figure out my SIPTV app!” We’ve got you covered, follow this guide to use your SIPTV (Smart IPTV) app.

Ever walked into a store to buy a TV and felt confused with all the different types of products available?

There are Smart televisions, regular LED TVs, LCD variants, and now you’ll discover an array of IPTV devices too. What is IPTV anyway?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is the delivery of television programming via the internet as opposed to the traditional methods of delivery, by cable or satellite.

For these devices, you’ll also have to configure SIPTV (Smart IPTV) app.

Now, these app might be new to you. You might be wondering, “how do I install my SIPTV app?” How do you configure the app and use it effectively?

Well, follow the instructions below and enjoy watching your favorite television channels on your Smart television in no time.

First, What Are the Supported Devices?

The supported brands, for now, are LG and Samsung, but SIPTV is also available on STB MAG, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

The app doesn’t come with the purchase of any of these devices, though. You’ll still have to download it and install it on your device. Read on to see how.

Download the Smart IPTV App

The Smart IPTV app should be available on the app stores of the devices mentioned above. Make sure your Smart TV has an internet connection first, and then go to the home page of your TV. The app store should be one of the options there.

Then, search for “Smart IPTV” and download it to your TV. If the app is not on the main screen, search for it in “All Apps” or “Updates.” Download and installation shouldn’t take too long.

When you open the app, it should display a MAC address. Note this down on your phone or a piece of paper.

Note that you may try the app for 7 days for free. After which, you’ll have to pay a one-time activation fee.

Upload Your Playlist File

Next, use any device connected to the internet and go to this address: http://siptv.eu/mylist/. Under “Upload local IPTV playlist File or external playlist URL with auto-update,” put in the MAC address you noted earlier. Then, upload your playlist file or enter the M3U playlist URL provided by your IPTV provider.

Finish the process and go back to your Smart TV. Close the app and restart it; the SIPTV channels should now be available.

Activate Your App

You’ll only get to enjoy these channels and the features of IPTV for 7 days unless you pay the activation fee. To do that, return to the siptv.eu page you visited earlier. Then, navigate to the Activation page, or you can click this link: https://siptv.eu/activation/.

The fee is 5.49 EUR for each device or TV, and you can either pay via PayPal, Card, or Bank Transfer, Prepaid & Cash, E-Wallet. Like in the previous step, you’ll also have to input the MAC address you noted plus your email.

You can also make a manual payment by choosing from one of the options provided. You’ll have to provide your MAC address by emailing it and the payment confirmation ID to info@siptv.app. An alternative method is to note down the MAC address in the Comments area of the payment form.

Do note, however, that the activation process isn’t automatic this way. Hence, it can take up to 48 hours. You’ll have to wait for the confirmation email to see if they’ve received your payment and processed the activation.

After you’ve done these steps, you should now be able to enjoy your Smart IPTV service!

Common Problems With Downloading or Installing

Sometimes, though, things won’t go the way we want it to. The process seems simple enough, but many users still encounter some issues at some point. Here are the common ones and the fixes to them.

“There’s No Smart IPTV App on the App Store”

First, check if your device is compatible with this service. If yes and it’s still not on the app store, there are a couple of workarounds you can do.

The Samsung Italian app store, for example, doesn’t have this app anymore. One way to still use the app is to sign up in another country’s Smart TV Services and then download the app.

Amazon has also removed the app in their app store, but you can still install the app by downloading its APK in the Downloader app. Then, follow these instructions on how to sideload APK files on your device.

“My SIPTV App Mac Address Changed”

There’s nothing to worry about here! There are 2 MAC addresses in each TV: WiFi and Ethernet. When you switch to another connection, the activation of the second MAC address is automatic. You only have to restart the app to continue using it.

“I Get Error Messages with My Playlist”

If your playlist works on other devices and not on your Smart TV, try this example test list. If it works, the problem is with your playlist.

Make sure that all the stream links in your playlist are working. Then, check if your TV supports the codecs. Each model supports different stream formats; check with the manufacturer for more information.

“I Get Error Messages When Using the App”

Sometimes, you may also encounter error messages like, “no playlist uploaded,” “check playlist URL,” or such. When that happens, try using the example test list again. If it works, check your playlist for errors.

The URL you provided should be a direct link. You may also try downloading it and then uploading it as a static playlist.

If you get, “check playlist URL,” try turning off your device, waiting 1 minute, and then turning it back on. Reducing the size of your playlist might also be able to solve this problem.

Learn More About IPTV

“How do I install and use my SIPTV app?” This guide should help you resolve any issues you have. Feel free to dig in and explore the app as well, to configure your TV the way you want.

IPTV is the next generation of television programming, and it offers far more advantages than the traditional methods of delivery. You get to enjoy higher quality programs, and you get only the content you want.

If you’re interested and you’d like to know more, contact us now!